Skip Bayless Calls Carson Wentz ‘deer In Headlights’

Fox Sports host Skip Bayless has been known to make some absurd comments. His latest gaffe came on Tuesday morning when he compared Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz to a "deer in headlights" on his show "Undisputed."

Skip Bayless calls Carson Wentz 'A deer in the headlights'© Provided by USA Today Sports Media Group LLC Skip Bayless calls Carson Wentz 'A deer in the headlights'

It's interesting whow commentators from Fox Sports keep throwing Philadelphia and its teams under the bus. Just last week Colin Cowherd claimed that Philadelphia is the "dumbest sports city in America."

Bayless gave Wentz credit for having a good makeup and build for an NFL quarterback. However, he thrashed Wentz for not coming through in the clutch for the Eagles in late-game situations the way his favorite quarterback, the Cowboys' Dak Prescott, has done.

"When I watch Wentz, I see deer-in-headlights…I don't see the command for playing that position that I always see in Dak."-

- UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) October 10, 2017

"Under fire, when I watch Carson Wentz I see [a] deer in headlights," Bayless said. "I don't see the moxie. I don't see the feel. I don't see the command for playing that position that I always see in Dak Prescott."

Bayless took it a step further, adding that Wentz can't change the culture in Philadelphia like Prescott did in Dallas.

"Dak Prescott takes over games with his body language," Bayless continued. "He changed the whole culture of the Cowboys."

Both of these claims are equally as false as they are asinine. It's as if Bayless hasn't seen film from an Eagles game this entire season.

Wentz's quarterback rating actually increases when the Eagles are trailing opponents. When his team is behind by nine to 16 points, Wentz's rating is at its highest (112.5).

Another stat to note is Wentz has excelled in third-down situations in 2017. His completion percentage (71.2) is higher on third down than it is on first- and second-down plays. His quarterback rating on third down with nine-plus yards to go is 125.6.

If numbers don't do it for you, then go and revisit the final drive of the Eagles vs. Giants game three weeks ago. Wentz was the one who set Jake Elliott up for his walk-off 61-yard field goal.

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With seven seconds remaining and the Eagles on their own 38-yard line, Wentz was able to find Alshon Jeffery for a 19-yard pass that put the Eagles in field-goal range. Wentz didn't remotely resemble a deer in the headlights on that drive.

And to think Wentz hasn't changed the culture of the Eagles locker room is just ignorant. Not only the fans but the city of Philadelphia has rallied behind the 24-year-old from North Dakota.

He is the reason why the Eagles were able to sign a free agent like Alshon Jeffery this offseason. Jeffery believes that Wentz has the potential to be an MVP-caliber quarterback.

The only thing undisputed about Skip Bayless is his insanity.

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Skip Bayless calls Carson Wentz ‘deer in headlights’
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