Piston Slap: The Underutilized Headlight Phenomenon

Saw the same thing last night, and its getting more frequent.. DRL’s throw off enough light that people dont realize they have not turned on their headlights especialy on a reasonably lit road. The danger of course is the rear of the car has no lights on at all.

Pretty much most modern cars have an auto headlight on feature. My 11 equinox does and thats a fairly base car. So either people are now so dependant on automation they are too lame to think to turn on headlights, or don’t know how to activate the auto on feature.

In the old days not turning on the lights was fairly obvious, you couldn’t see and or other drivers honked at you. these days DRls propbably put out as much power as a regular 1975 headlight.

Its a sign that as cars get easier and have more auto feautures drivers just pay less attention. I wouldnt be surprised if the jump in roadside fatalities is not only texting related but also general inattention driven by dependancy on nannies. Many drivers today seem to need blind spot warnign and various beeps and buzzes to remind them to stay on the road and not go into other lanes. They probably becomes depedant on being told by the car something is happening that when they are not warned a crash can ensue. In otehr words the safety systems may be contributing indirectly to more accidents.

Source : http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2017/05/piston-slap-underutilized-headlight-phenomenon/

Piston Slap: The Underutilized Headlight Phenomenon
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