Are We Kidding Ourselves About Headlights?

When you’re trying to get these things done, there’s not a huge amount of time for sitting around reminiscing about what one’s done before. It’s kind of like that with me, as well. When “Games of Thrones” is finished, I’m not one to go on about it too long and rest on one’s laurels. The stuff that interests me is the work. I got involved in “Game of Thrones” because I thought it was a ridiculously wonderful story and beautiful storytelling. Nobody knew it was gonna turn into a cultural phenomenon. But we try and improve, keep the quality as high as it possibly can [go] without patronizing an audience or [being] condescending to them, thinking we know more about it than they do. Nobody knows more about it than they do. And we just try to deliver it with a bit of honor and a bit of respect.

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