2018 Nissan LEAF Teaser Shot Emailed — New Headlights

Published on May 18th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


2018 Nissan LEAF Teaser Shot Emailed — New Headlights

May 18th, 2017 by

Cynthia Shahan 

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The increased range of the 2018 Nissan LEAF is a major plus new buyers can count on — we don’t know the exact range yet, but it’s sure to be much higher than first-generation electric cars. It is time to compete with Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3.

Another dramatic change is the new Nissan’s design, and as we see in this first teaser shot of the 2018 model (just emailed our way) — it is “bye-bye to the bug-eyed headlights” (which some of us like, nonetheless). Open to change, I can’t wait to see more of the Nissan’s new designs, More images are promised through the summer of 2017.


Aside from the teaser image, we don’t really have any new info. The email from Nissan to CleanTechnica director Zach Shahan (and others on the email list he’s on) read:


Zachary, we’re excited to announce that the all-new Nissan LEAF is coming soon to a Nissan dealer near you. Curious? Click below to get future updates and an exclusive sneak peek.

Still the best-selling EV out there (historically), things might change with the Tesla Model 3 coming along soon. Some of us will always keep that special LEAF spot in our heart, and many LEAF drivers plan to get a LEAF again.

Remember, the LEAF has impressive torque just like other all-electric cars. I notice this once in a while when I zoom out to change lanes and leave everyone blocks behind. You don’t have to get a Tesla for that. And the next LEAF will probably increase its 0–60 time considerably to try to compete with the Model 3, Chevy Bolt, etc.

Looking forward to the new version of the LEAF, there are more exciting features promised — such as ProPILOT, a driver assist system comparable to Tesla’s Autopilot.

You can also take a look around for deals on older versions of the LEAF for a perfect around-town city car at an unbeatable price. (We are sure to be some deals now that the 2018 LEAF is getting close to arrival).

Nissan seems keen to keep the LEAF as a competitive EV on the market for years to come, but I guess we’ll need to wait a little longer for details confirming that possibility.

In the meantime, the Nissan LEAF is on some interesting journeys this year. One is breaking boundaries by driving to the 10,000 mile Mongol Rally.


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2018 Nissan LEAF Teaser Shot Emailed — New Headlights
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